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- Online & Media Policy -

East Young Umpire Pathway (EYUP) (as well as East and England Hockey) recognises that social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, play a key part in daily operations of clubs and individuals. They provide unique opportunities for those involved in the sport to communicate with the rest of the hockey family.

Whilst these technologies provide positive and effective opportunities, they are accompanied by dangers and negative consequences if abused by users.

We, at EYUP, want to encourage clubs to use social media to promote the sport of hockey in a positive light. We also want to ensure that no one from the world of hockey will be upset by comments or statuses posted on social media.

When using and contributing to social media, you are expected to behave in a manner that is consistent and appropriate to your roles in the sport. Any contribution, posting, message or associated conduct that is deemed to cause offence to an affiliated member (clubs, associations, players or umpires) could lead to the instigation of disciplinary proceedings.

Be aware that what you say can have an impact on the image of the sport, on your club, colleagues and on EYUP as a whole. It is important to be aware of the context in which comments made may be interpreted. Remember just because the comment may be innocent for your private joke it may not appear innocent to other people. Consider how the public, the media and other users will view your comments.

When posting a comment, pause and think before you post! If you’re in doubt about posting something then it’s probably best not to post it. Remember, you are personally responsible for everything that you post and everything that can be associated to your personal profile or timeline.

Don’t talk negatively about players, team officials, match officials, clubs or associations. More general comments around matches are of course fine, for example, pleasure with performances, information about results etc. However, you should NEVER post anything about disciplinary issues that have arisen before, during or after a match or tournament. Even the most vaguely expressed comments are open to misinterpretation and may compromise disciplinary process.

Anything you post online will be treated as if you said it to the person face to face, therefore if saying it to them pitch side would have initiated disciplinary action then be prepared for the same consequences. Please also remember that just because you delete the post or comment, or the post or comment is automatically deleted, does not make it “fine”. Remember that others may have taken a screen grab of your post or comment, which can be used as evidence against you in the event of disciplinary action.

Further guidance from England Hockey is available to download: “Think Before You Post” Good Practice Guidance for Hockey Clubs / Organisations About the Setting Up and Safe Use of Social Networking Sites. This document can be downloaded from the England Hockey website.

If you have seen anything which you consider to be inappropriate then please get in touch with EYUP.

- East Young Umpire Pathway -

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